GC Events

Organizing consumes thoughtful hours of hard work, where dedicated personal among the GCEvents crew spend sleepless nights, organizing and working hard to make path for international global events to prosper. GCEvents has a curriculum of prestigious events of organizing weddings, exhibitions and international beauty contest pageants. Its performance was twice (2002&2003) delegated by five million viewers worldwide when forty two European charming misses contested here in Beirut, on the stage of Biel. GCEvents characterizes a harmonious equip of professional individuals in all fields related to important event organization. Our artistic dazzling flower decoration along with our high tech sound and image crew adopt everything concerning these issues to provide the best environment.Not to forget to mention our passionate photographer that draws the memory of your unique events on pictures and video, our presentable hostesses, valet parking, as well as all kind of entertainment like popular singers and dancers, and our elite well known catering companies, the best in Beirut who prepares all kind of food.The invitation cards printing and design, the wedding dresses from the most popular fashion designers in Beirut, the hair with the best hairdressers in town and the make-up with the most professional make-up artists in the country.Our compensation theme is our success in realizing unforgettable events at the best prices and to turn what people consider a dream or fairy tales to become a reality.

Latest Projects

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