Buffalo Steak House

Buffalo Steak House, situated in Ajaltoun, was opened in 1982.It takes key ingredients to be successful in the restaurant business for so long and Buffalo Steak House knows just the right recipe. This unique restaurant with his 1 branche in Ajaltoun is highly popular for both its food and atmosphere .Being one of the few steakhouses in Lebanon,it increasily attracts groups and couples to it.Buffalos western setting allows it to be cozy,warm and romantic yet fun. Buffalo is the perfect stop for your next lunch Business meeting.The relaxed atmosphere and attentive service allows you to get work done while enjoying a great meal.we offer seating for parties of all sizes... Besides the atmosphere and setting , buffalo is also famous for it delicious food.Whether its the special Buffalo steak or an amazing spare ribs plate... it will surely be an unforgettable meal!! The success enjoyed by Buffalo Steak House over the years reflects the determination to achieve our vision.

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